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A platform to amplify the voices of India's tribal and Adivasi youth.


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Services Provided

Digital Strategy

Lead Editor

Trainer/ Facilitator


Adivasi Lives Matter


In 2016, through research and his extensive field visits across Odisha and Jharkhand, Ankush V and I realized that Adivasi and tribal history, struggles and achievements are almost invisible in the Indian mainstream media. Moreover, there is a dire lack of representation of Adivasi and tribals in the media itself.

This resulted in not only less coverage of important news related to Adivasis and tribals, but whatever little coverage was there was stereotypical and prejudiced.

There were very few platforms dedicated to speaking about Adivasis and tribals in India.


In 2017, along with photojournalist Ashish Birulee, Adivasi Lives Matter came into existence.

As a co-founder in a skeletal team, I worked on Adivasi Lives Matter's digital presence in the form of:

  • Video production
  • Content creation in the form of video, articles, graphics
  • Digital campaigns around specific topics
  • Collaborations and content partnerships with organizations like Youth Ki Awaaz, Feminism in India, The Logical Indian, etc.

I even used my design skills to design the logo and t-shirts!

Once our online presence got a positive response, we decided to extend our work on-ground through in-person trainings with Adivasi and tribal youth, calling it Adivasi Awaaz.

In the first year, we trained 100+ youth across 5 states on digital storytelling. During these trainings, along with the responsibility of social media, I took on the roles of:

  • Trainer/ facilitator for 7-day residential workshops on digital storytelling
  • Project manager
  • Mentor to creators as they got started on their content creation journey
  • Managing content creators from the trainings as well as recruiting two independent contributors
  • Hindi and English content editing, where I edited and published 400+ articles on Youth ki Awaaz's ALM site in 2020.


  • Organizing India's first ever tribal virtual concert with Adivasi and tribal musicians in Jharkhand
  • Winning Chairman's Distinction Award from Digital Empowerment Foundation for Communication, Advocacy and Development Activism
  • Organizing the first ever Adivasi and tribal focused Twitter chat in partnership with Youth Ki Awaaz
  • Producing stellar campaigns around multiple important topics, including the International Year of Indigenous Languages

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