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A shiny new online home for Amplify, India's beloved podcast on intersectional climate action and sustainability.


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Services Provided

Website Development


Amplify Podcast by Sanchi Singh


The Amplify Podcast, hosted by Sanchi Singh, has a goal to illustrate living sustainably is rooted in climate and environmental justice. Every week, Sanchi interviews a new guest with the goal to amplify the philosophy,  knowledge, practices, issues and solutions in the Global South.

For Amplify, I created a website with a minimal yet bold design, showcasing its work in the following pages:

  • Home
  • Amplify Episodes
  • About Amplify
  • Amplify's Guests
  • Amplify's Journal
  • Contact


Sanchi wanted visitors to the website to be able to listen to her episodes without leaving it. So we created an Episodes page, where her Spotify podcast episodes auto-populate whenever a new episode is released. Every episode can be played with the in-built player.

Podcast Episodes Page


Amplify has a stellar speaker list, including influential figures in environment and climate action like Vandana Shiva, Suki Dusanj, Ashish Birulee and Aditi Mayer. To give the readers a glimpse into the amazing work these speakers do, we created a page to showcase this speaker list, complete with links to their websites.

Guest Speaker Directory


Sanchi's vision for Amplify is to create a platform where important conversations around climate, intersectionality and environment can take place. Following through with this vision, we introduced a Journal page on the website featuring important pieces on these topics from guest authors around the world.


"Isha is fantastic at content strategy and web design. She worked on creating a permanent home for my podcast and media platform Amplify. She was organised, communicative, detail-oriented, thorough and patient. Since Day 1 when I approached her, we had clear timelines, goals and expectations set in place. Her understanding of audiences, design and aesthetic made it an absolute pleasure to witness Amplify's digital home come to life. As a person she's optimistic, driven and has great clarity making it a pleasure to work with her. I would highly recommend her expertise and hope we can work together in the future too."

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