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A brand new online home for India's top love, relationships and dating podcast.


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Website Development



Love Aaj Kal Podcast by Ankit and Aastha


Love Aaj Kal is India's first Spotify exclusive podcast on love and relationships hosted by Ankit Vengurlekar and Aastha Atray.

For Love Aaj KaI, I created a website and wrote playful, fun copy for the following pages:

  • Home
  • Love Aaj Kal Episodes
  • About Love Aaj Kal
  • About Aastha
  • About Ankit
  • In The News
  • Contact


This auto-populated page is the home of the Love Aaj Kal episodes. Using the in-built player, one can listen to the episodes on the website itself.

Podcast Episodes Page


To showcase Aastha and Ankit's personal work and profiles, I created separate pages for them. Aastha's talks about her work and her books (she's a romance author) and Ankit's talks about his work (he's a video genius) and his web series called The Internetters. (check it out, it's amazing!)

About the hosts
Love Aaj Kal in the news


"Isha is a content and design genius. Her work on the LoveAajKal website was positively beyond our expectations. Her design and content sensibilities rival the best in the world and her local understanding of customers and audiences makes her a great strategist for website and content projects. I would highly recommend her services for your personal brand/business."

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